Our vision

We see the rapidly developing Blockchain ecosystem as a potential space to promote true democratic decision making, in line with the original vision of horizontal governance. In its current state, truly decentralised and verifiable decision making tools are widely underdeveloped on-chain, compared to the exponential growth of DAOs. In this context we strive to contribute to the birth of a socio-tecnical tool that will allow decisions to be made in full transparency, respecting the privacy and independence of each individual, while giving each voter the power to monitor and actively partake in each step of the decision-making processes.

In fact, when it comes to the complex issues of governance, on-chain as well as off-chain, the tools that are used are never neutral. They are the technical materialisation of the practices they serve. We thus consider voting in all its complexity from the very first steps of Pebble, from the innovative security protocol that constitutes the backbone of our application, to the first implementations, and its future versions and improvements, on which we put our constant effort.

The members of our team come from different horizons converging on a common goal: design the future tools of democracy. Voting is indeed a fundamental democratic act, in a wide sens, that should be taken as often and easily as possible, building trust and consensus in any community. It should be an empowering act instead of a mere formality. It raises sociopolitical issues that are deeply entangled with the technical voting act per se. We thus build on our members expert knowledge at the crossroads of cryptography, theoretical computer science, political science and philosophy, to develop the voting tools of tomorrow.

Meet our team

Myrto Arapinis,PhD

Researcher in Cyber Security. Main research in formal models and provable security, with a focus on electronic voting

Nikolaos Lamprou, PhD

Cryptographer, security expert and protocol architect

Pierre Noro

Blockchain project manager and decentralized governance researcher

Pavlos Georgiou

Applied cryptography enthusiast, interested in all things open source

Thomas Zacharias, PhD

Researcher in Cyber Security and Privacy, with a focus on e-voting, privacy preserving cryptographic protocols, and blockchain technologies

Alexandra Arapinis, PhD

Dr in Philosophy, with a focus on formal modelling and treatment of traditional philosophical questions