We are building the first fully decentralized, secure, and transparent e-voting solution

Our core values


No trusted-third parties, no intermediaries, just democracy!


Keep your ballot secret. Reveal your vote, not your identity


No intermediary results. Unbiased free voting


Your community is your electoral authority


Count & Recount: Verify the results at all times

Elections that build sustainable trust

Pebble is the first open source, fully distributed and scalable online voting solution to guarantee voter privacy, individual, eligibility and universal verifiability and fairness. We combine time lock encryption, zero-knowledge proofs, and blockchain technologies to enable self-tallying elections, eliminating fees and vulnerabilities induced by the reliance on trusted-third parties.
How the Pebble solution works
Before the election: an organizer sets up the election (sets the list of eligible voters and the parameters of the election) and invites voters to participate.

During the election: the voter chooses for whom to vote and encodes it in their ballot. The ballot is automatically encrypted using TLE and attaches a ZKP signature that anonymously proves their eligibility. The ballot is posted anonymously to the blockchain where they can make sure it has been taken into account.

After the election: the community is notified that voting has ended and can publish the decrypted ballots. Those ballots that have not been opened can still be decrypted by the community by solving the associated TLE puzzles. Any user can verify these are consistent with the ballots immutably registered on the blockchain.

Taking elections into your own hand

The best e-voting solution for you

As a highly modular technology, it is the new best solution for your organization, big or small, public or private, to easily setup secure digital votes that generate greater trust and bring people together.

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